When it comes to the lights and wiring in your home, you don’t want just anybody doing the work to maintain it. Hiring a licensed, qualified residential electrician is the best way to make sure your home’s electrical system functions properly. In fact, this is one of the primary ways to make sure your home is not a safety risk. Polk Electric has some tips to help you find the right electrician to come to your home. Here are four important questions to ask residential electrical contractors before you hire them.

Question 1: Who will be working on my home’s electricity?

Any time you reach out to an electrical company for service, ask the name of the person who’ll be coming to your home. Not only will this help you verify the workers’ identity for safety purposes, but you’ll also be able to let the company know if they did a great job – or if they didn’t.

Question 2: Are they an insured and licensed electrician?

Besides just the name of the electrician, you’ll want to know if the residential electrician at your home is licensed. If they’re not, look for someone else. A license is proof of an electrician’s training. In general, it’s best to not let an uninsured worker enter your home. Insurance is equally important. If an electrical accident should occur, you could be held responsible if they don’t have insurance coverage.

Question 3: How experienced are the electricians?

Experience is equally important when hiring an electrician. Make it a priority to hire someone who has handled similar types of electrical work in the past. The more experience an electrician has, the better the results will likely be.

Question 4: Does your company offer warranties?

Finally, make sure you’re covered in the event that the work that’s done doesn’t meet your expectations. Ask about warranties. A warranty will protect you in case the results aren’t what you’d hoped for.

Contact a residential electrician who’ll always put your safety and the quality of their work as their top priority. Call Polk Electric today to see how our can assist you.