Static electricity is more than just a quick shock when you touch metal. It can actually be a serious safety hazard during the winter. In your business, it’s an invisible danger that can cause costly damage to your equipment and infrastructure. A commercial electrician from Polk Electric can advise business owners in the Rock Hill, SC area on how to best avoid damage from static electricity during the cold months of winter. Here are a few pointers.

Protect your office machines

Computers, phones, and copiers are just a few examples of electrical equipment that can be at the mercy of static electricity during the winter. One discharge of static shock near a machine’s circuits can cause major damage or a complete shutdown. Thankfully, commercial electricians have ways to counteract this problem. We have devices that we can place around your business’s equipment in order to prevent these serious electrical problems.

Deal with dry office air

In the winter, you’re more likely to crank up the heat in order to keep all your employees comfortable. However, blasting warm air during the winter creates very low humidity. Dry air creates the perfect environment for static electricity. For instance, your workers may build up static by walking across a carpeted room. When they touch any electrical equipment or components, that electricity can be discharged and cause damage. Talk to an electrician about safe ways to combat this issue without giving up the warm air your workers need to be productive.

Minimize fire hazards

A discharge of static electricity releases a spark – and sparks could lead to a fire. With this in mind, keep plastic items and other flammable objects away from electrical machinery and wiring. Have a commercial electrician inspect your office for other fire risks, including those that involve static electricity.

To learn more about the dangers of static electricity in your facility, talk to a commercial electrician at Polk Electric. Discover how we can help your business keep things running smoothly all winter long.