Keeping your child safe inside your home is one of your most important jobs as a parent. However, you can’t ignore the dangers that lurk outside your home. As any residential electrical contractor will tell you, there are numerous electrical dangers outdoors. Fortunately, being aware of these issues can keep tragedy from striking. Here are four outdoor electrical safety tips for children from Polk Electric:

  1. Tell your kids to stay away from power lines and utility poles – Help your kids stay safe by telling them to stay away from power lines and utility poles. Tell them not to climb utility poles or trees that are near power lines. Also tell them that if they see a downed power line to tell an adult right away to go nowhere near it.
  2. Don’t let your family go swimming during storms – Pools, lakes, and beaches are great places for family fun. But if you hear thunder, get out of the water. Electricity and water do not mix and swimming during these times puts you at a high risk.
  3. Help them be careful when they play with flying toys – Kites, drones, toy airplanes, and other flying toys can be fun for kids to play with, but they can easily get hung up in a power line. Teach your kids to play with outdoor toys away from any electrical hazards.
  4. Safely store your outdoor electrical tools – Finally, keep any electrical tools out of the reach of children. Children are naturally curious and they might think your electrical tool is a toy. Store any of these tools away from water sources and as high up as possible.

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