Electrocution, burns, and shocks are electrical injuries that can be avoided by following basic safety rules. The month of May is designated as Electrical Safety Month by the Electrical Safety Foundation International. During this observance, the Rock Hill, SC electricians at Polk Electric want to remind you about precautions you should take when dealing with any type of electric service.

  • Never use extension cords as permanent wiring: Extension cords are useful for temporary needs. They can really come in handy when an outlet is far from an appliance or machine you need to use. But there’s a problem: Some people hook things up to these cords and leave them there for long periods of time. This can lead to overheating or other dangerous situations.
  • Never tackle an electrical repair if you aren’t qualified: Although online videos, tutorials, and articles explain how to make electrical repairs, it’s important to remember that any type of electric service is dangerous. You should always trust any type of electrical work to an electrician.
  • Avoid electrical overload: Overloads occur when a circuit breaker is faced with a current that it’s normally not supposed to carry. Plugging in many appliances on the same socket or improper connections can lead to a dangerous overload.
  • Label circuit breakers correctly: Taking this step makes maintenance and repairs both easy and safe for all concerned.

According to industry research, hundreds of children are shocked or burned each year by electricity. This doesn’t count the numerous adults who are injured when they attempt to make electrical repairs on their own. Follow these safety tips to protect yourself and always remember to trust the professionals with any type of electrical work. The team at Polk Electric is here to serve your residential electrical needs in Rock Hill, York County, Lancaster County, and surrounding areas of South Carolina and North Carolina. Request a quote today!