Parking lot lighting is a critical part of your company’s safety plan. But did you realize that the type of bulbs you use makes a huge difference in the function and effectiveness of your lights? For instance, LED lights are quickly becoming the industry standard thanks to the many benefits they offer businesses. If you don’t have these installed on your property, why should you consider making the change? Today, Polk Electric wants to share four top benefits of LED parking lot lighting.

  1. Cost-saving –LED lights help your business save money. They’re affordable because they last longer and use less energy than traditional bulbs. Your electric company may even offer a discount for businesses that install them. All in all, you could really see a reduction in your power bill when you make the switch.
  2. Energy-saving – One of the best things about LEDs is the fact that they conserve a significant amount of energy while still delivering the brightness you demand. Plus, thanks to automatic LED parking lot lights, you can maximize your energy savings even more. You’ll no longer have to waste energy when no cars are present.
  3. Environmentally-friendly – Thanks to their energy-saving powers, LED bulbs make a much smaller impact on the environment. Since these bulbs are much longer-lasting, they have to be replaced less frequently. This results in lower amounts of material waste that have to go to landfills. You’ll be able to help the environment while keeping people safe when you choose LED parking lot lights.
  4. Durable and bright – Finally, you’ll never have to worry about a lack of light with LEDs. Modern lighting produces a steady, bright illumination for everyone in your parking lot. At the same time, replacing these bulbs becomes almost a non-issue. In fact, one LED bulb can last up to eight times longer than a traditional parking lot light bulb.

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