Spring officially arrives next week, although Mother Nature doesn’t seem to have gotten that memo! Between the weekend snow and last week’s warm weather, it’s hard to tell what’s coming next. But the thunderstorms we experienced last week are a good reminder that the risk of severe weather will increase as we go into the spring and summer months. Here at Polk Electric, we want to help get you ready for this threat and the trouble it can cause with our residential electrical services. In addition to a safety plan for your family, backup generators for your home are one of the best ways to help you weather the storm.

What Are Backup Generators?

Backup generators are installed at both homes and businesses to provide power in case the electrical system goes down. This comes in handy not only for storms but for other unplanned outages, such as when utility work is being done or when a traffic accident takes down a power pole.

When a backup generator is running, you’ll still be able to cook, watch television, or access the internet. Even better, the food in your refrigerator or freezer will be preserved. Of course, if a storm’s brewing outside, you should be mindful of all safety precautions. This will protect your home’s electrical system and your family.

What Are My Options?

Portable generators will get the job done, but you’ll have to go outside in order to turn them on. You’ll also have to keep them fueled up so they’ll be ready for a power outage.

An automatic standby generator is much more convenient. These units are installed outside the home and connect to a propane or natural gas line. When the power goes out, they’ll automatically kick on in a matter of seconds. It’s especially helpful when the power goes out and you’re away from home or out of town. You’ll never have to bother the neighbors again.

To learn more about backup generators or to have one installed at your home in Rock Hill, SC or York, Chester, or Lancaster counties, call Polk Electric. We also offer residential generator service and whole house generator repair in the Rock Hill area. Trust our experience to keep you comfortable during this spring’s storms. Request a quote today!