We all rely on electricity. But at times, it can be unpredictable.  Think about the blips and outages that occur during and after thunderstorms, ice storms, or traffic accidents. Since these things are out of your control, it’s wise to have something to protect your home’s electronics and appliances. Surge protectors do just that. As an experienced residential electrician service in South Carolina, Polk Electric has some reasons why you should invest in these devices today:

  • Power surges, outages, and lightning strikes can happen at any time. Electricity is designed to flow at a consistent rate throughout a house. When there’s a power surge, electrical outage, or lightning strike, this throws your electrical system out of balance. This can result in fried electronics and appliances.
  • Outlets can’t take the surge. Outlets transfer electricity to one or two devices. However, when there’s a surge in electrical power, that sudden burst transfers to your devices, too. Your TVs, laptops, and anything else that’s plugged directly into the wall are ruined. Outlets can also overheat during surges, increasing the chance of an electrical fire.
  • Power strips are a good first step. While power strips are great first line of defense for preventing electrical fires, they aren’t great for defending against the damage caused by outages, surges, and strikes. There’s a common misconception that power strips are the same as surge protectors. While they safely transport and divert electricity to multiple devices, they may not provide the protection you need. Look at a power strip’s packaging before you buy it to see if any warranties, guarantees, or replacement costs are provided by the manufacturer.
  • Whole home surge protectors are your best bet. Whole home surge protectors are designed to channel dangerous electrical spikes away from your appliances and devices. Ultimately, it’s best to consult with a professional residential electrician about the type of surge protectors you need for your home.

If you’re interested in adding a whole home surge protector, give Polk Electric a call today. You can rely on us for quality electrician service in South Carolina.