Spring is an excellent time to tackle a variety of home improvements. However, there are certain things you should be especially careful with when taking on a DIY project. As your local residential electrical contractors, Polk Electric wants to keep you safe. Here are some safety tips if you’re working with electricity at your Rock Hill, Fort Mill, or Charlotte home.

  • Watch out for electrical wiring – Anytime you work on your walls or ceilings, make sure you’re on the lookout for electrical wiring. Always turn off the electricity from the breaker box before attempting any work.
  • Inspect all your cords – Before you start using any electrical tools this spring, take time to inspect each cord for any tears, frays, or signs of damage. While not in use over the winter, the rubber covering of the cord could have deteriorated or been chewed through by rodents. This can expose the wires, leaving you at risk for electrocution.
  • Make sure your outdoor outlets are grounded – If you have outlets on the exterior of your home, make sure they’re properly grounded. Since outdoor outlets are exposed to moisture from rain, snow, and humidity, they need ground fault circuit interrupters to keep them working without incident. Not sure what to look for? Find an electrician in Fort Mill, SC and the surrounding area to come to your home and take a look.
  • Unplug your tools immediately – As soon as you finish a job, unplug your tools. This is especially important if you plan to clean them. If you don’t, you could get shocked if any moisture comes in contact with the cord or other components. Protect yourself and always unplug.

If you’ve never worked with electricity, be smart and play it safe. Call the residential electrical contractors at Polk Electric to help. When you need electricians near you for help with wiring, fixtures, and other projects, trust us to get the job done right. Request a quote today!