Appliances provide so much convenience for our everyday lives – that is, until they have a problem. Any appliance that’s acting abnormally should be a cause for concern. While your appliance may just need a small repair, it could be a serious electrical problem that can lead to disastrous results, putting your safety at risk. As a trusted group of electricians near you, Polk Electric wants you to be aware of the following electrical problems that can be caused by faulty appliances.

  1. Fire hazards – As any electrician will tell you, a malfunctioning appliance is a fire hazard. One electrical shortage from even a small appliance can lead to a house fire. With this in mind, always take any problems with your appliances seriously.
  2. Power surges – Defective appliances can also cause power surges and make circuit breakers trip. You should never take these issues lightly. In fact, either of these can result in permanent damage to your outlets, wiring, and other appliances and electronics. To help you protect your belongings, make sure you invest in quality surge protectors. Also don’t forget to take your broken appliances to a repair shop or replace them immediately.
  3. Fixture and outlet damage – Besides internal damage, you can sometimes physically see the damages caused by a malfunctioning appliance. Burned, blackened outlets and light switches, flickering lights, and power outages can all be caused by an appliance in need of repairs. Take care of broken electrical appliances so you can avoid more costly repairs to your property.

Taking swift action whenever you have an electrical problem can help you protect your home from damage. No matter what type of electrical issues you have at your house, call Polk Electric. Our residential electricians near you provide expert service for households in Rock Hill, Fort Mill, and surrounding areas of South Carolina and North Carolina. Let our electrician service help you today!